Improving and Fixing Bathrooms

Bathroom Waterproofing Canberra. Leaking shower repair Canberra.

Bathroom Modifications and Waterproofing Canberra

The location of the home bathroom and kitchen is very much set. This is because of the plumbing and flooring, which is difficult and expensive to move. So people will very rarely move the bathroom. But it is quite a different matter to modify, and improve, the bathroom we have. This might mean a new tile decor, just for appearance sake, or fixing a fault, or adding functionality.

Bathroom Waterproofing Canberra

If there is plumbing in a kitchen or bathroom then there is at least a small chance of leaking water. This means both wasted water and increased water bills. It may also mean water getting into walls or foundations, leading to damage that is expensive to fix. So we want to detect and fix any water leaks as quickly as possible.

A shower, toilet or tap may leak because of a loose connection, or an old washer. This is easy to fix.
Alternately, the tiles in the shower (or other part of the bathroom) may leak. This is a more serious issue, leading to structural damage. There are a few options here.

Shower Retiling Canberra – We can remove and replace the tiles in the shower, making sure that the new tiles are watertight. This is very effective, but also rather pricey. And it means the old tiles are thrown away.

Shower Resealing Canberra – The old tiles can be waterproofed by the application of a clear spray coating. This fills and seals any cracks in the tiles or grout. An advantage of this is that the exact location of the leak need not be known – we simply coat the entire tiled area.

Under Tile Heating Canberra

Most bathrooms have some sort of heater. This is not a bad option for heating the room, but there is a better method. Under floor heating gives warm and natural warmth, with no drafts. It heats the tiles from underneath in a low running cost, efficient manner.

Heated tiles are a little expensive to install, but are cheaper to run. They have been popular in overseas homes for many years, but have only recently started to become popular in Australia. They are a good option when designing and building a home, but more expensive if done as a renovation.

Bathroom Waterproofing Canberra

A bathroom leak can cause expensive long term damage. Our clear sealing treatment ensure that your bathroom is leak proof.