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Bathroom Renovations Canberra

Bathroom Renovations Canberra

Bathrooms are tricky. They are different to most other rooms. They need good plumbing and excellent waterproofing on most surfaces. Kitchens and laundries also require this to a lesser extent.

In the course of owning a house over several years we may decide to renovate the bathroom. This is a fine idea, but we want to make sure we get it right. Bathroom renovations are quite pricy. So it helps to have some advice form the people who have done some renovations in the past.

Important Considerations – Bathroom Renovations Canberra

Thorough Planning – In any project it always helps to plan as much as possible in advance, even if we inevitably make some changes as we go. More time planning at the beginning usually means less time spend undoing something that didn’t go right.

We have a certain amount of space in the bathroom, a certain height, specific places where the pipe run, places where electrical outlets can be positioned. Plan the new bathroom around these factors. Where will the wall tiles go? Will these rows of tiles fit exactly in a space, or will one side need to be trimmed? Where do we put the exhaust fan? Will the tiles match the décor.

Ventilation – all bathrooms need ventilation. Without this you will end up with mould and mildew on the walls. A window is usually enough, usually covered with blinds or curtains for privacy. But if there is no space for a window then a roof mounted ventilation fan is a good option. You will need to find the right space for this, because there will be other elements in the ceiling such as lights and perhaps some of the plumbing. Make sure the ceiling fan is clear of these. Sometimes the fan and light (and perhaps heater) can be a single unit.

Lights – Basic, but fundamental. All rooms need good lighting. Consider some multi-option lighting for the bathroom – red lights for late night will prevent sleep issue. Bright daylight is good for the rest of the time.

Bathtub – Some older couples do not use the bath, so they remove it. But this can have a negative impact if you later decide to sell the home. Most families want a bathtub.

Consistent Décor – You want all the elements of the bathroom to work together – the tiles, the wall colour, the curtains, the cabinet handles. As the tiles are the most permanent factor make sure to get these right. Then choose curtains and bathmats to suit the tiles.

Storage Space – You will need cabinet space for brushes and soap and a dozen other thing that you use several times per week. So not underestimate this.

Waterproofing – This requires a skilled installation. If there is even a slight waterproofing issue it will leave you with serious problems in a few year’s time. You don’t want mould in the floor or walls, or the structural damage that a constant leak can cause. These are very expensive to repair. Good waterproofing today will prevent costly problems in the future.


Bathroom Renovations Canberra

Planning a bathroom renovation? We install quality tile work with ideal waterproofing. This ensures long term reliable results.



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