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Bathroom Renovations Canberra

Bathroom Renovations Canberra

There have been a great many home renovation shows on television, as well as numerous YouTube instruction videos. Many of these look at DIY bathroom renovations. Often the information in these shows is reasonably good, but they give the impression that DIY renovations are quite easy. And there is no guarantee that the information in the videos is all-inclusive. There is always more to the task than what the TV shows would have us believe. It is often a mistake to think we can do better than the professionals.

Planning is a key point in any project. We have to look at our goals and what we can achieve with the situation we have. Of course, our plans may need to be modified during the project as we uncover a few factors that we did not think of in advance. But lack of a clear plan is a disaster.

Planning will at the very least look at design coordination. Will the new tiles and furnishings match? Will those tiles make the bathroom look bigger or smaller, or too crowded? We may like a tile design, but find it has a bad effect in our bathroom. Plan a look for your bathroom that looks coherent.

Ventilation is too easy to overlook. Poor ventilation will cause trouble with mould. At the very least, we need a window that can be left partially open. We might want to add an extractor fan. Bathroom humidity must be kept low.

There has been a trend, especially with those who do not have children, to remove the bathtub. This may work for some people, and it does give more room, but it will prove a problem when selling the home. Most buyers expect one bathtub in the house. You might remove a bath in the ensuite, but make sure there is at least one bathtub in one of the bathrooms.

Space and practicality are an issue. You will need storage areas in the bathroom. Include this from the moment you start planning the changes.

Consistency – you will need a theme, even if it is just a colour scheme. All the elements of the bathroom will need to match. Sometimes this is just buying curtains that match the tiles, but the tap fittings and cupboards will need to match the tiles as well.

The most important issue in bathroom renovations Canberra is waterproofing. If there is a leak anywhere then the home will suffer. At the very least, you will have a mould problem. Worse still, water can get into the walls and foundations, causing structural damage. This is very costly to repair.

Always consult experts about waterproofing a bathroom.

There are compliance regulations with all bathrooms. These factors are all too easy to overlook unless one has done considerable research. It is best to let a professional look after a bathroom renovation, or at least consult during the planning stages, lest you find you are in breach of a government rule. The regulations are there for a reason, usually to do with safety and long-term stability.

New Tiling are experts in bathroom renovations Canberra wide. We can arrange the bathroom you always wanted, and make sure that all regulations are covered, and everything will be reliable and long-lasting.

Bathroom Renovations Canberra

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