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Bathroom waterproofing Canberra Leaking shower repair Canberra

Bathroom Waterproofing Canberra

You may or may not notice a leak in the shower area. Often when we do notice a leak it seems almost trivial, not worth our attention, or something we can put off till latter. But a leak can be causing ongoing damage if the water gets into the walls or floor. We might notice a leak but not be aware of the damage it causes. Or we might not notice the leak at first, but later find it has causes considerable, and costly, damage.

Signs of Leaking Shower

– Mouldy grout or silicone
– The odour of damp or mildew
– Damp water marks in tiles that should not be near water.
– Damage to paint or wallpaper
– Damp, swollen or bubbling cabinetry or plaster
– Grout missing in tiled surfaces
– Damp or mouldy carpet
– Stained ceiling in the area beneath the bathroom.

These signs should not be ignored. It is too easy to trivialise the issue, or conversely to think that the problem will require a great deal of expense and mess. But if we deal with the issue early it can be simply an afternoon’s work. Often the tiles will not need to be removed, the area can be resealed quite easily.

Bathroom Waterproofing Canberra

It often comes as a relief to the customer when we explain that the leak can be removed without making major repairs. It may take some time to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. But sometimes even this is unnecessary. Often we can spray and seal a shower floor if we know the source of the leak in on the floor somewhere. This may not require the removal of tiles, just the application of a clear sealant.

With resealing the shower can usually be used the next day. Repairs are that quick.
Have any possible leaks fixed sooner rather than later. This prevents damage spreading and increasing the repair cost.
Mould and mildew are linked to respiratory problems and allergies in vulnerable people.
Avoid trying to repair any leaks yourself. This often only fixes the surface damage, with the underlying cause left unchanged.

Bathroom Waterproofing Canberra

Be secure in the knowledge that your shower and bathroom have no leaks that might cause damage to your home.

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