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Leaking Shower Repair Canberra

Leaking Shower Repair Canberra

If the bathroom has been installed properly, it should have no water leaks or drainage issues. Likewise, if it has been recently repaired, there will be no leaks or issues, and the bathroom should be fine for several years of regular use.

Once the bathroom is in good repair, we need only clean it on a weekly basis. This keeps the grime and soap scum away, and prevents mould or mildew from appearing. The fact that the bathroom is waterproof is helpful in many ways, as we can leave cleaning fluids on the surface, making them more effective. And we can hose down floors and shower recesses without fear of causing damage.

Cleaning Tiles

Tiles can be given a regular cleaning on a weekly basis, and then a more thorough cleaning every other month.

We sometimes forget that we can vacuum tiles. This is fine if the tiles are dry, and we use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment.

Sweeping the tiles is fine, and it won’t cause any damage if the surface is a little wet. We should sweep or vacuum before we do any other cleaning.

A damp mop with warm water will remove most dirt from the tiles floor. Some people use a detergent designed for cleaning tiles. This is fine as long as it is the right type of tile. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are different to slate or marble, and require a different cleaner. In all cases, look for a pH-neutral cleaner.

Use a dry cloth or mop to dry the surface of the tiles. Avoid air drying if you want the best results.

A steam mop is fine for almost all types of tiles. These work without needing detergent.


Tile Scum

The detergent we use to clean tiles often gets left on the tile surface. This is a sticky residue called soap scum. Even if we don’t use detergent, there can be soap scum on the tiles left from shampoo and soap we use for cleaning ourselves. This leaves the floor dirty as everything sticks to the soap scum surface.

If you suspect that you have soap scum, use vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to clean the tiles. Apply this to the floor tiles and then use a scrubbing brush to clean the surface. Afterwards, wash the floor with plain water. You might hose the surface down and let it drain before drying it with an old towel.

If the grout between the tiles is dirty, make a paste of bicarbonate of soda and leave it on the grout for a few hours.

Cleaning and Leaking Shower Repair Canberra

If the shower has no leaks, then we can clean it in a similar manner to the floor. We can also use spray-on bleach, or bleach in a gel form that clings to the tiles. Leave this for half an hour before wiping down the surface. We can scrub any difficult spots. Wash the walls with water when you have finished and let the area dry naturally. Always use gloves when handling bleach, and make sure the room is ventilated.

Leaking Shower Repair Canberra

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