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Bathroom Remodelling Canberra

Creative Design Ideas for Bathroom Remodelling Canberra

Maintaining an organized and clutter-free bathroom can greatly enhance functionality and aesthetics. Creative storage solutions play a pivotal role in achieving this goal. By maximizing available space and utilizing clever storage options, you can create a more efficient and visually pleasing bathroom environment.


Some storage ideas can be added to the existing bathroom. More often we want to incorporate the storage features into the remodelling, making them an integrated yet often unobtrusive part of the design.


Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are an excellent way to add storage without taking up valuable floor space. They can be installed above the toilet, beside the sink, or on empty wall space. Consider open shelving for displaying decorative items and closed shelving for concealing toiletries and cleaning supplies.


Shower Recess Box

Perhaps the most popular addition is a shower recess box. This is rectangular recessed shelf built into the shower wall, used to conveniently hold soap, shampoo and conditioner bottles. By being set into the wall it does not take up any space, is easy to clean, and it looks far neater than hanging a shower caddy on the wall.


Over-the-Toilet Cabinets

An over-the-toilet cabinet or shelving unit provides vertical storage that makes use of otherwise unused space. These units typically feature shelves, cabinets, or a combination of both, allowing for organized storage of towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials.


Bathroom Vanity with Drawers

Look for a bathroom vanity with drawers rather than just cabinets. Drawers offer more efficient storage for smaller items like cosmetics, hair accessories, and grooming products. Consider customizing the interior with dividers or trays to further organize contents.


Medicine Cabinets with Built-In Mirrors

Medicine cabinets are a classic storage solution, but modern versions often incorporate mirrors for added functionality. They provide concealed storage for medications, grooming supplies, and other small items while also serving as a reflective surface.


Pull-Out Baskets and Trays

Install pull-out baskets or trays inside cabinets or beneath vanities. These accessories make it easy to access stored items and prevent clutter from accumulating. They’re particularly useful for storing cleaning supplies, spare towels, or beauty products.


Wall-Mounted Hooks and Racks

Utilize wall-mounted hooks or racks for hanging towels, robes, and even small storage baskets. This not only keeps these items within easy reach but also frees up space in cabinets and drawers.


Magnetic Strips for Metal Accessories

For small metal grooming tools like tweezers, nail clippers, or bobby pins, consider using adhesive magnetic strips inside cabinet doors. This allows you to keep these items organized and easily accessible.


Corner Shelves or Cabinets

Corner spaces are often underutilized in bathrooms. Consider installing corner shelves or a corner cabinet to take advantage of this space. They can provide a convenient spot for storing towels, toiletries, or decorative items.


Under-Sink Storage Solutions

Optimize the space beneath the sink by adding pull-out trays, stacking bins, or a shelving unit specifically designed for under-sink storage. These solutions help maximize vertical space and keep cleaning supplies or extra toiletries neatly organized.


Towel Bars with Shelving

Choose towel bars that incorporate shelving above or below. This provides a designated spot for towels while also offering additional storage space for other bathroom necessities.


Creative storage solutions are very practical if we want a clutter-free and organized bathroom. By incorporating a combination of these options, tailored to your specific needs and available space, you can transform your bathroom into a more functional and visually appealing space. Remember to regularly declutter and reorganize to ensure that your storage solutions continue to meet your needs over time.

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