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Bathroom Renovations Canberra

We can renovate bathrooms for two general reasons. One is that the bathroom is old and in desperate need of repair. The other is we just want to completely

change the bathroom. In both cases, we want to be happy with the results. And even the old bathroom will entail some redesigning. So make the right decisions as we will have to live with the results for many years.

So what should we consider for updated bathroom renovations in Canberra?

  • Rain Showers – This has a large overhead spray (literally above our heads) in the showers, so it’s a little like showering in a wonderfully hot, heavy rain. We might also have the option of switching between an overhead shower and a more traditional wall showerhead.
  • Coloured Taps and Fittings – For many decades all plumbing fittings were shiny silver or perhaps a more elegant brass. But matt black, white gunmetal grey or occasionally a few pastel colours can be used for taps and fitting. These can look great, but they really need to match the basin and wall tiles. But get a good colour match and the results are effective and unique.
  • Skylights – This has two advantages – cheap natural light during the day and the feeling of more space in the room. Of course, we still need privacy, but frosted glass or frosted film over plain glass works well.
  • Plants – Perhaps the simplest way to alter the look of a room, and greenery looks good in almost any context. While we prefer real plants even plastic plants can look rather good.
  • Stone Tiles – These look far more prestige than porcelain or most other tiles. They can be pricy but are still cheaper than other forms of stonework. Consider just a feature wall in stone, with the rest of the room left plain.
  • Backlit Mirrors – Another feature that looks more luxurious in a bathroom.
  • Wall colour – We will probably have tiles in the bathroom, but not on every surface. So areas that stay dry can be simply painted.
  • Extractor Fan – Get rid of the moisture in the room, and prevent mildew and mould in the process.

Looking for Bathroom Renovations in Canberra?

Need a bathroom renovation? Perhaps you just want a new look? We install quality tile work with dependable, long-term waterproofing.


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