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Repair Balcony Issues

It is important to repair balcony issues promptly, lest the damage becomes increasingly worse. A water issue with a balcony can lead to structural problems in the home. These structural problems will be costly to repair and may occasionally be dangerous. Nobody wants a balcony or part of the building to collapse.

Have you noticed these signs on your balcony: 

  • Water falling from the balcony.
  • Water ponding in any part of the balcony.
  • Tiles coming loose.
  • Cracked grout lines between tiles.
  • Calcification of grout.
  • Mold problems on the balcony or the supporting wall. 
  • Water damage to paint or plaster on the balcony or wall.

Then you probably need some repairs or waterproofing for your balcony 

Any water falling from a balcony, other than rain, is a bad sign. If water is collecting in or on the balcony it can quickly cause structural damage.  

We can inspect the balcony to find water leak problems, including many hard to detect issues. In some cases, a balcony can be repaired by applying a sealant over the tiles. In other cases, the balcony will need re-tiling and re-grouting. 

Our repairs are not including existing structural problems. 

Leaking Balcony Repairs Canberra
Leaking Balcony Repairs


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