Under Tile Heating

Underfloor heating is reasonably new in Australia, though it has been a popular and reliable technology in parts of Northern Europe and Asia. By heating a room through the tiled floor we get quiet and even heat that is safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

Older Conventional Heating Methods

Many rooms in the home are heated with air conditioners or conventional radiators. This tends to give uneven results. Air conditioners create drafts and noise from fans. A radiator may only heat the air nearby, while the rest of a large room remains cold. And if the room has a tiled floor then that will be the coldest part of all.

Under Tile Heating

By heating the room from the floor upward we get great results. The room feels evenly and naturally warm, including the tiled floor. Homeowners who avoided tiles because they feared they would be cold underfoot would be impressed by the feel of under tile heating.

When tiled floors are heated from underneath there are no exposed hot surfaces, no fans producing noise or drafts, and no space occupied by equipment. The heat rises from a warm floor and makes the room feel comfortable.

Advantages of Under Tile Heating. 

  • Quite Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective.
  • Heating is even and feels Natural.
  • Takes up no space.
  • No Clash with the Room Decor.
  • Safe and Comfortable.
  • Completely Quiet.
  • No Hot Surfaces.
  • No Maintenance.
  • A Warm Floor feels good underfoot.
  • Effortless to Run.

Some conventional home heating methods waste energy and give disappointing results. But under tile heating gives a comfortably warm room and a warm floor with only a moderate energy cost.

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Underfloor Tile Heating


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