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Notice: Warranty coverage exists only between the property owner and the person or entity entering the contract, and New Tiling PTY LTD. The Warranty coverage is based on quotation issued directly by the representatives of New Tiling PTY LTD. This warranty is not related to any other builders or sub-contract base workers.

  1. Planning and Commencement

1.1 Plan and requirements for work is only to be done under the quotation provided and confirmed by New Tiling PTY LTD.

1.2 The property owner must notify New Tiling PTY LTD of any issues that may affect the ability of New Tiling to undertake the work, such as repair work done in prior, or any forms of third-party reports in relation to the site or work, before the work commences.

1.3 New Tiling PTY LTD will carry out a visual and physical inspection. All quotes provided are only for the tiled/ grouted area. Should there be any external factors that may contribute towards any leak or hidden damage, then the owner should either organize a plumber or building inspectors on site to obtain proper reports.

1.4 Possible slight changes to shades in tile appearance may depend on suppliers or circumstances.

1.5 Such change in appearance will not be regarded as defect under this contract. It will also not be regarded as a breach of the warranty.

1.6 All working areas should be completely dry and be in a workable condition prior to the commencement of the work.

  1. Plumbing and Painting

2.1 The price from New Tiling PTY LTD does not include the cost of plumbing. The owner should contact a plumber for any plumbing issues that may be related to the work, including the relocation of drainage.

2.2 New Tiling PTY LTD will not any painting work.

2.3 New Tiling PTY LTD can recommend other trades for the property owner, such as plumbers or carpenters; however, New Tiling does not take any responsibility in relation to their work and/or defects.

  1. Defects, Movement

3.1 New Tiling PTY LTD is not liable for any damage to framework or structure, or tiles, faults, defects, deterioration, or any other issues in regard to work that were not evident or clearly visible at the time of the initial inspection on site.

3.2 Should the New Tiling PTY LTD has to deal with any underlying defects and carry out an additional arising work, the quote may increase to take account of the additional work.

3.3 If the work includes a balcony repair, the warranty coverage is not liable for any arising from the movement of the structure on which work has carried out, including latent defects.

3.4. New Tiling PTY LTD will not carry out the work if any health and safety problems occur on site. The property owner will be requested to rectify the problem at their own expense. This may cause delay in the completion date.

  1. Payment

4.1 The owner must pay the full amount of payment within the 30 days of the completion date in order to have the warranty coverage.

4.2 New Tiling PTY LTD has right to ask the owner up to 50 percent of total amount of payment as deposit. This will be taken as the commencement fee, which should be accounted with the final payment.

  1. Completion Time

5.1 New Tiling PTY LTD will undertake and complete the work within a reasonable time frame.

5.2 New Tiling PTY LTD is entitled to a reasonable time extension in the events of delays to the work, such as ordering and supplying of the materials or problems of previously agreed variations.

  1. Statutory warranties

6.1 The work will be performed properly by following the plans and specifications set out. The warranty, however, does not cover any defects, faults or failure caused by the property owner’s mistake, misuse, or mismanagement.

6.2 All materials supplied by New Tiling PTY LTD will be in good condition, and well and truly suitable for their purposes.

6.3 All other suggested, offered, or recycled materials from the property owner, which were not directly supplied by New Tiling PTY LTD, are not covered by the warranty.

6.4 Any materials used in processing the work will be in reasonable conditions for the specified purpose and the property owner’s desired outcome.

6.5 The property owner is to fully rely on the skills and judgment of New Tiling PTY LTD for any particular purpose for the required work, or the property owner’s desired outcome.

6.6 The statutory warranties applying to the work performed under New Tiling PTY LTD remain the obligation and liability only between the property owner and the company that charged and invoiced. These warranties are not transferable in any circumstances.

  1. Access

7.1 The property owner must provide access for any New Tiling PTY LTD trades to commence and carry out the work as required during the working hours (Monday-Friday, 7am-3.30pm).

7.2 The property owner/ tenant must remove their personal belongings at the work site before the commencement of the work. New Tiling PTY LTD will not take responsibility for the loss of or damage to the personal belongings.

  1. Clean up

8.1 Upon completion of the work, New Tiling PTY LTD must remove all rubbish in regards to the work. New Tiling PTY LTD will not accept any liability for the rubbish, materials and surplus dust that are not related to their work.

  1. Misrepresentation

9.1 In case of the property owner or their employees, agents or contractors making any misrepresentation to New Tiling PTY LTD, causing additional work or visit, this additional work will be dealt as a variation, and will be calculated as an additional price. New Tiling PTY LTD may refuse to carry out such additional work.

  1. Product Warranty

10.1 Most of the major products come with a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty and the property owner is entitled to a replacement or refund or compensation for a major failure. In the event of a defect claim, the property owner must follow the claim procedure provided on the products.

  1. Entire contract

11.1 This entire contract, together with any other documents, agreed quotations and remittance deposit for the commencement of the work, constitutes the contract  between New Tiling PTY LTD and the property owner. This contract does not include builders, contractors or other representatives from other companies.

  1. Notice of claim

12.1 The property owner must provide a written notification to New Tiling PTY LTD within 10 business days after becoming aware of any matter or potential defect which may be claimable.

12.2 The property owner must allow New Tiling PTY LTD to rectify any defect that is capable of rectification.

12.3 If the rectification is required to be carried out further, New Tiling PTY LTD will provide a further notice to the property owner in advance.

12.4 New Tiling PTY LTD is not liable to rectify any pre-existing issues when undertaking a site inspection. New Tiling PTY LTD is entitled to charge the property owner a call-out fee for relevant amount of time of the inspection.

  1. Termination of contract

This contract will terminate when:

13.1 New Tiling PTY LTD fails to complete the work within a reasonable time;

13.2 The property owner fails to make any payment due under this contract;

13.3 The property owner denies any New Tiling PTY LTD trades’ access to the site.

  1. Authority

14.1 The property owner may give a permission to a third-party person to enter in this contract on behalf of them; however, the property owner should read and understand this contract before entering it.

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