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Bathroom renovations are a significant investment for homeowners looking to improve their bathroom’s appearance and functionality. So, the homeowner should put some serious thought and planning into these alterations. As a professional bathroom renovations company in Canberra, we advise clients on the best way to remodel their bathrooms, so they can achieve the stylish look and functionality they always wanted.

Useful Features to Include

We know that any satisfying bathroom renovations, Canberra or anywhere, require careful consideration of many factors. There is the colour scheme, the materials, the storage requirements, ventilation, and we should consider the best type of lighting.

Storage Solutions

We will need storage space in the bathroom. Look at maximizing space and keeping everything clutter-free environment. Consider vanity cabinets, shelving units, or recessed niches to accommodate toiletries, towels, and other bathroom essentials. Make all his storage an integrated part of the design.

Efficient Fixtures

We can help the environment and reduce utility costs with water-saving fixtures such as low-flow toilets, faucets, and showerheads that promote water conservation. With an eye towards décor, choose fixtures with modern designs and finishes that complement the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

Accessibility Features

Older homeowners, or those with mobility issues, will greatly benefit from features such as grab bars, walk-in showers, and adjustable-height fixtures. These makes bathroom access easier and safer. Design the bathroom layout with accessibility in mind to ensure ease of use for all occupants.

Ventilation Systems

Proper ventilation is needed to prevent moisture build-up, mould growth, and odour in the bathroom. Sometimes open windows with flyscreens are enough. In other situations we might need to install exhaust fans or ventilation systems to improve air circulation and maintain a comfortable and hygienic environment.

Luxurious Touches

If you budget allows, then heated flooring, towel warmers, or spa-like shower systems will enhance the overall comfort of the bathroom. They also add a touch of indulgence and sophistication.


Choosing Colours and Materials

Consider the Overall Style

When selecting colours and materials for the bathroom, consider the desired style or theme, whether it’s modern, traditional, minimalist, or eclectic. Choose colours and materials that complement the existing decor of the home and create a cohesive look throughout.

Focus on Durability

Prioritize durable and water-resistant materials such as ceramic or porcelain tiles, quartz or granite countertops, and high-quality cabinetry. These materials are easy to clean, resistant to moisture and stains, and withstand the rigors of daily use.

Create Contrast

Incorporate contrast by combining light and dark colours, textures, or patterns to add visual interest and depth to the bathroom design. Use lighter colours to brighten small spaces and darker hues to create a sense of warmth and intimacy.

Sample Selection

Before making final decisions, obtain samples of tiles, countertops, and other materials to visualize how they will look in the space. Consider factors such as lighting conditions, existing fixtures, and personal preferences when evaluating colour options.

Timeless Appeal

Consider timeless and versatile colours such as white, beige, grey, or navy blue for larger elements like tiles and cabinetry. These neutral tones provide a classic backdrop that allows for flexibility in accessorizing and updating the decor over time.


Considerations for Lighting

Task Lighting

Install task lighting fixtures such as vanity lights, wall sconces, or recessed lighting above mirrors to provide adequate illumination for grooming tasks such as shaving, applying makeup, or styling hair.

Ambient Lighting

Incorporate ambient lighting sources such as ceiling fixtures, pendant lights, or chandeliers to create a soft, overall glow and illuminate the entire bathroom space evenly. Choose fixtures with dimmable options to adjust the lighting intensity according to preference and mood.

Accent Lighting

Use accent lighting techniques such as LED strip lights, under-cabinet lighting, or recessed spotlights to highlight architectural features, artwork, or decorative elements within the bathroom. Accent lighting adds visual interest and enhances the ambiance of the space.

Using Natural Light

We can use natural light with strategically positioned windows, skylights, or light tubes to give the bathroom a bright, airy atmosphere during the day. This also saves on electricity costs. Of course, privacy is a concern. So, make sure that nobody can see into the bathroom.

Layered Lighting Design

If we combine multiple light sources in the bathroom renovation design, we can create optimal illumination and flexibility. This means no dark spaces or noticeable shadows. Consider lights that can be adjusted, so we can have candlelight or bright light to suite our needs.


The Bathroom Renovations Canberra Residents Recommend

The renovation changes we make to our bathrooms are long term. So, we need to ensure they are something we are completely satisfied with. With thoughtful colour choices, and effective lighting techniques, homeowners can transform their bathrooms into stylish, functional spaces that meet their family’s needs and personal taste. As a Canberra professional renovations company, we guide clients through the decision-making process and providing expert advice, to ensure customer satisfaction and a successful outcome.

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