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The bathroom in any home endures a lot of daily use. Over time this will take its toll. Inevitably some tiles will crack or come loose, and leaks will appear in pipes or shower recesses. This needs to be addressed.

Why we need a Bathroom Renovation

Leaks in bathroom pipes or tiles are usually serious. If water leaks into the walls, floor, or structure of the building there can be accumulating damage. This is all the worse if it goes unnoticed. We may be unaware of the damage to the home until the problem has become expensive and hard to repair.

Even if a leak in the bathroom isn’t causing structural damage (at least not yet) it will often lead to mould and mildew problems. Damp areas will attract these infestations, which may cause health issues. These infestations can easily go unnoticed by the homeowner, though they will be detected by professionals.

Bathroom Renovation Specifics

Bathroom renovations Canberra are about restoring your bathroom to a proper working state, and perhaps providing a little updating to the facilities.


Leaking Balcony Repairs Canberra
Leaking Balcony Repairs Canberra
Leaking Balcony Repairs Canberra

Do you suspect a problem?

We can inspect your bathroom and assess the situation. If we find a problem early on it can often be a simple matter to fix. And in some cases, we can detect potential problems before they cause complications and damage.

Tile replacement – A few loose or cracked tiles are inevitable given enough time. Modern tiling methods are longer lasting; modern adhesives spread evenly under the tiles means fewer cracks. But an older bathroom may not have this high level of workmanship, and even the best quality installation will not last a lifetime.

Damaged tiles in a shower will cause water to seep into the floor or walls. Damaged tiles on a floor may not be as serious at first, but when one tile is lost the surrounding tiles will soon follow. This is unsightly, and often a safety issue is somebody trips.

We can replace individual tiles, or perhaps retile the whole surface if you want to change the look of our bathroom.

Even if the tiles are fine you might want to consider an anti-slip treatment. Or perhaps the tiles can be resealed to prevent the grout from softening or developing mould.

  • Replace broken, loose, or missing tiles.
  • Regrouting between tiles is sometimes enough to fix leaking issues.
  • Re-tile the floor or wall surface.
  • Seal tiles and grout for maximum waterproofing.
  • Anti-slip treatment for tiled floors.

Leaking pipes are always serious. As pipes are hidden behind walls or beneath floors they are usually hard to access. This position inside the wall also means that any leaks will cause a lot of slowly accumulating damage, usually without being noticed.

We can track down and fix leaking bathroom pipes. This may entail the removal and replacement of a tiled surface. So, you may want to consider having those tiles updated to give your bathroom a new look.

Showers may leak for many reasons, from damaged tiles and grout to leaking pipes. Sometimes a clear sealing compound is enough to fix the issue. At other times some serious renovation work with re-tiling is required.

A blocked drain can cause water to accumulate on the floor or in the shower. In some cases, they can also smell rather bad as the material in the drain is not being washed away. If the drainpipes are still solid it may just be a simple matter of clearing a path. But in a few cases, the drain will leak, so part or all of the piping will need to be replaced.

Leaking Balcony Repairs


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