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Large Tile Installation Specialist

Large tiles have become popular in recent times. People like the strong, striking look of these floor and wall tiles, which can look like stonework, marble, cement, or even wood, metal, or fabric. They have a clean, sleek, modern aesthetic, but can also work with earthy decors that mix indoor and outdoor settings. Large stone tiles that complement indoor plants are one example.

What are Large Tiles?

Smaller tiles can be held in one hand. Larger tiles tend to be heavier and bulkier than this. A tile is considered if it is at least 400 mm along at least one side.

Common large tile sizes include:

  •     600x1200 mm
  •     1200x2400 mm
  •     1200x3600 mm

These tiles are literally a meter wide. 

Benefits of any Large Tile Installation

  • The appearance - large tiles can look like real stonework, cement, or marble.  
  • Elegant yet very hard-wearing. 
  • Relatively easy to clean. 
  • Fewer joints between tiles, so this gives a sense of uncluttered openness. 
  • Fewer grout lines, so there is minimal grout to clean. 
  • Large tiles can be cut into custom shapes to accommodate the situation. 
  • A smaller room feels larger with larger tiles. 
  • If uses on walls there is no need for painting. 

Disadvantages of any Large Tile Installation

  • Large tiles are heavy, with the largest requiring two people to lift them. So they require considerable skill and physical strength to install.
  • They require special care for transportation, to avoid breakage. 
  • The floor or wall must be completely flat to accommodate a large tile. The large tile cannot flex to accommodate a curve. 

As a large Tile Installation Specialist, we can guarantee the best results for this increasingly popular format. 

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