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balcony waterproofing Canberra

Balcony Waterproofing Canberra

A balcony is a great feature in any home. It gives you the outside advantages without being completely outside, like fresh air and probably a good view. If it is covered it will also give you some outside time in poor weather. But if the balcony develops a leak it can quickly lead to problems. If a leaking balcony spreads water into the main structure of the building then we risk serious damage, perhaps leading to a collapsed wall. And even if the leak is confined we risk the balcony collapsing. No good can come from a leaking building structure.

The balcony does not exist in isolation; it is part of the home or building. Balcony leaks can quickly lead to water damage in the adjacent wall, and perhaps the main structure of the building. This can quickly lead to a chain reaction of problems, many of which are quite unsafe.

Often the signs of a leaking balcony can be seen before the damage is too serious.

  • Loose Tiles
  • Cracking grout lines
  • Calcification of the grout
  • Tiles that changed colour, different to the other tiles.
  • Damage to plaster or paint near the balcony.

Perhaps the signs of a leak are not so obvious. If so, thermal imaging and other electronic water detection methods can find almost any water leak issue.

Repairs to leaking balconies vary according to the situation. Sometimes it is a matter of replacing some tiles. Other times the whole area can be covered in transparent sealant. On some occasions, more serious, labour-intensive work needs to be done.

Places to Check for Leaking Shower

Showers and occasionally baths and sinks can develop a leak. If this is caught early there should be no serious damage. However, an ongoing leak can lead to structural damage to the bathroom wall. And this can occasionally lead to further problems in the main structure of the home. No element of a building stands in isolation. If one part of the home, one wall, suffers then the rest of the building is threatened.

What to look for With a Leaking Shower

  • Mould on grout or sealant
  • A dank odour of mildew
  • Damp watermarks in tiles that are not near water
  • Damage to paint or wallpaper
  • Any damp, swollen or bubbling plaster or woodwork
  • Missing Grout in tiled surfaces
  • Damp or mouldy carpet near the bathroom
  • A stained ceiling beneath the bathroom

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